Monday, March 2, 2009

Slow NFS solved on OpenSuse 11.0

Hi there
1. First of all, the Raid 1 has been connected with one (2xhdd) IDE M-S connector, after Raid 1 (2xhdd) connected on different ports IDE also increased performance but still was slow.
2. Then made these:

At the beginning export from NFS server was with these options:

#from /etc/exports
/exported_dir, no_root_squash, sync, no_wdelay)

After I changed the "sync" to "async" the write speed performance increase was quite large.
P.S: "no_wdelay" with "async" is neglected.

Try "man 5 exports" to see all available options for export

Note: on clients the /etc/fstab mount line is:

nisserv:/exported_dir /mount_path nfs defaults 0 0

The NFS server is on Piii 800MHz :D with 512MB Ram

Note: The man page says that async can be dangerous if the
NFS server daemon crashes as some data may not be committed to disk, but
this is always a risk (in my opinion anyways) since hard drives cache data
before it gets committed to disk anyways...

All the best, enjoy ;)

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