Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VisualDRC, showing advise when drawing IC layout

Hi there my friend :)

This tool is very useful for layout designers. Why? Good question!
If you are such a designer you know how much it take for you to read and learn specific new technology rules to be able for fast design with optimal distances. It take some time to adapt with new design rules.
Now you can design faster, just follow the advise of this new wonderful tool "VisualDRC".

If you are interested in such tool, please contact the Micrologic Desing Automation or AsicArt

Visual DRC
VisualDRC™ is a EDA tool that check the design rules during the construction of an integrated circuit's layout block in real time mode.
VisualDRC™ is designed to provide advice, check and report violations. It is aimed for a fast, accurate, and efficient reliable verification during the construction of a mask layout database.
VisualDRC™ is equipped with simple-to-use and intuitive graphical interface.

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