Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to install the MS SQL server 2000 A (or SP3) on Win's XP (solved)

If you get errors when installing the SQL 2000 server release A, follow these steps:

1. In the directory where is the "setup.exe" I made the BAT file "setup.bat" with the following content:

@REM ===========
@echo off
@setup.exe SAPWD="replace_with_your_admin_password" USERNAME="Your_Admin_name" /l*v setup.log
@REM setup.log will be created in the current run directory
@REM ===========

2. Enter to c:\windows\inf, then right click on "mdac.inf" and select "Install" from the popup
If prompted for CD, insert it and go to [Your_CD-Drive]:\i386

3. Open the Start->ControlPanel->Administrative Tools->Services
find here service: Terminal Services
double click, and make it "Disabled" in the StartupType, click OK, then restart the system.

4. now run the "setup.bat" created at step (1.) to install.

5. Check the setup.log file (from where you started the "setup.bat") you should see this at the end of log file:
"MSI (c) (B0:DC) [20:24:49:734]: Product: Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine -- Installation operation completed successfully."

6. Enable the Terminal Services (step 3.) (select the StartupType: ---> Manual) and restart computer.

PS: If the installation freeze follow instructions from here

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