Thursday, April 1, 2010

Remote Administration (VNC) OpenSuse 11.2 show black screen (solved)

When try to connect with vncviewer on Remote Administration enabled on OpenSuse 11.2 it show a black screen.
The solution:
- comment this line in "/etc/hosts"
#special IPv6 address
::1 localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback
P.S.: One important note, if enabled compiz,  remote user desktop will freeze :)


  1. Thanks so much to save my time ! Using Opensuse 11.2 guest with Xentools on Xenserver 5.6, XenCenter console is unable (by design) to display graphic dispplay (because the modified kernel seems to have no graphical card emulation)... The recommended workaround is to use http VNC, but I've got the black screen (of the death ?) !
    Your solution saved me !
    Ipv6 is great for Asia and Africa, but a lot of bugs are coming from parts of ipv6 along with ipv4 (I've got that with Postfix).

    Laurent Marandet (from Paris)

  2. Nice - this worked perfectly.
    Thank you!